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 This site is intended to assist both teachers and learners of French by making available a range of online resources that complement many of the popular published courses and GCSE examinations.

Teachers: Click on the publishers name to find information about components of various courses. Click here for other useful links.

Learners: Click on the name of your textbook for a range of activities to help improve your progress and have some fun.



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The resources linked to from these pages are not intended to replace any of the course components but to offer reinforcement and extension tasks that learners can use autonomously. Most have been produced by teachers for their own students and are made available free of charge. 

If you have any material that could be added to this site please contact  mratkinson@wildfrench.co.uk with URL's of the appropriate pages so that it can be included. 


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Note : Some exercises provide video or sound which need Shockwave or RealPlayer to be installed. These can be downloaded free of charge.